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Why I do what I do.


From breakdowns to breakthroughs...

Hey man. I know you've been suffering lately.

Life feels incredibly overwhelming, and you can't seem to find your way out. You don't know what the right direction is, even if it appears you have it all together on the outside.

You're filled with insecurities, feel hopeless at times, and don't know where to turn. You are dealing with a vicious cycle of worry, anxiety, and fear. You second-guess yourself constantly and often feel like a complete failure.

Dealing with constant overwhelm is negatively impacting your relationships, career, and sense of confidence.

You're asking yourself:

  • What is my purpose?
  • What's the point of all this?
  • Am I making the right decisions in life?
  • Why do I feel so disconnected?
  • Will I ever be happy and satisfied with my life?

If this sounds familiar, I get it because I have been there myself.

I became a therapist to support men in overcoming their challenges so they can live a full life. My passion and desire to work with men like you come from a place deep within.

Over the years, I've dealt with my own mental health struggles, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, feelings of worthlessness, self-sabotage, and feeling like an absolute failure.

At first, sharing these painful struggles made me feel weak. But as I learned to proactively express myself and share what was happening inside, I felt heard. I felt liberated. I felt free.

My fears around being less "manly" for opening up were busted. In sharing my struggle, I found true strength.

Now it's my mission to help other men make the same breakthroughs and mindset shifts that literally saved my life.

It's time to go on a journey to discover what is real, true, and authentic within yourself—to honour that truth and find the courage to live from it.

This journey isn't easy. But you don't have to do it alone. Through my unique approach to counselling that is action-focused, encouraging, and supportive, I'll walk beside you as you uncover who you truly are.

I've got your back, brother…

Dustin Hogan Counselling for men

From the outside in, I've had a picture-perfect life. I have a fantastic family, awesome friends, an exciting career, and all the opportunities a man could ask for.

But for most of my life, my "inside world" was far from ideal. I was fighting a war that no one else could see. Every day was a new battle.

Living with severe anxiety and depression meant I spent many days hidden and terrified to face the world. Growing up, I would pretend to be sick, so I wouldn't have to go to school. I missed many fun and exciting opportunities because of crippling fear and low self-confidence.

As I got older, I decided that hiding how I felt was the best thing to do. I didn't want to worry those closest to me. I wanted to project an image of confidence, success, and control to the world. Some days, I succeeded. Others, not so much.

I felt like there was something fundamentally wrong with me. Other people didn't seem to have these kinds of struggles.

During my darkest days, when my inner critic was constantly shouting, "YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH," I was forced to choose. I could continue struggling … or, I could find a way to feel better.

Somehow, in some way, I would find a way to feel the way I deserved to feel: confident, passionate, driven, and happy.

I embarked on a full-scale quest for healing and personal growth that continues to this day.

Part of this quest was finally having the courage to fully open up to my friends and family about my struggles. The support they have provided has been incredible and something I cherish!

I've worked with numerous therapists and coaches on my mental and emotional health. I sought training in coaching and counselling, and now I am passionate about helping other men improve their lives.

Once I decided to do whatever it took to get through my own shit, my life began to transform. Slowly but surely, I moved from barely surviving to truly thriving.

Over the years, I have developed a powerful arsenal of tools, strategies, and skills that help me live my full potential and keep me moving forward – especially on the days when I feel off. And yes, I still have off days. We all do!

If you want things to shift in your world, you've got to be willing to dig deep. And that begins with breaking out of the narrative that says "real men don't share their struggles."

When you choose to stop suffering in silence and commit to doing what it takes to become your best self, you will positively impact your life and the lives of those closest to you.

It's a ripple effect.

I LOVE working with men just like you. I know how to help men thrive!

My clients experience incredible successes and breakthroughs in their inner and outer worlds...

  • They stop sabotaging themselves.
  • They clarify their visions for their lives and careers.
  • They feel calmer.
  • They cultivate powerful daily routines.
  • They improve their mental health and daily coping strategies.

But most of all, they show up for their friends, families, spouses, partners, and most importantly, for themselves as the powerful, caring, compassionate men they are capable of being.

It's time to create your transformation. I'd be honored to help you get there.


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